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You might ask for your refund at any time. Our refund policy is based on standard practices, that completely follows the industrial norms. We ensure fair assessment is conduction for all the refund claims, throughout processed with parameters considered well in advance, that helps us make suitable justifiable decisions, and we can mutually be agreed with too. Only if we agree to accept your refund request, you will be provided with the amount soon. Our policies are impacted with measures suitable for your situation, to settle the claim, as various businesses have varied needs.

Co-operate with Us

We need reasonable time and efforts to evaluate your needs for refund, our support to a customer will be constant at that time. Our experience speaks such that cooperation helps most of the problems being quickly solved, and thus we’d need it thoroughly from you. We request you to listen carefully to what the support team says and do accordingly. This will only help you experience a seamless claim process, or else there’ll be many crises.


This refund policy covers Vikteq’s action & approach to consider it. This Refund policy does not hold any practice or solution, that the company Vikteq does not owe or have in control. Any people that we do not employ or manage, including third parties’ services and products too. These third parties also include one that we are bound within a contract and one that our website has mentioned the link for.

Who Qualifies for the claim?

We request customers to first file a complaint on our website Vikteq. With that, we first try to understand your matter and provide an ideal solution to the issues you are facing. Your job is to first be specific with the technical team about the matter, and introduce your query, only them report it to the expert panel.

Refunds are only provided to the customer who is facing extremely uncontrollable circumstances. When there is nothing good that can be done, it is when you get a refund.

Situations like:

  • The reasons you have given are valid/confirmed/ uncontrollable/ realistic and rational enough that it cannot be further treated and qualifies for the refund
  • Development process or post-sales solutions are not yet provided to you
  • The issues with the project are beyond any chance of getting solved, rectified or fixed by a technical or expert panel
  • We have no issues with you regarding violation of payment terms with us
  • The claim does not arise from the disputes that have addressed from the bank or any payment vendors/gateway provider
  • You have not used any of the information from our website for monetary terms or for serving you as a purpose of benefit (which is gained during the course of seeking service)
  • You have got all strong proof and valid evidence that justified the refund claim pretty clear and accurate
  • You have demonstrated the issue of website complication well to the development team, that depicts that you are aware of the services and how to use it

“If in any stage we find out that the points mentioned above are violated by you, you will not be able to get your refund claim as it will be considered as a void agreement. The decision we’ll make on the refund will be final”

Vikteq will evaluate the request of refund along with the reason carefully, that the user will provide us at the time of refund requesting. If the process we find out that you’ve not complied with the conditions that we’ve mentioned then your refund request will be rejected.

How does the Refund Process take place?

If the customer wished to make any discussion regard queries on refund, we are there to hear from you, you can contact us any time, we will assist you in the time of crisis. At Vikteq we follow a standard refund policy process that works well for every project:

Pre-Refund Process:

  1. This stage is where your refund process will be analyzed, verified, evaluated and checked
  2. We will match your query with the parameters we’ve set and the reference points are met
  3. Arranging for a refund if the situation is permissible as mentioned above and the settlement will take place, either full or partial depends on the case.

Post-Refund Process:

  1. You must sign and provide us the agreement to the refund
  2. Unless we instruct you to do so, you are not allowed to discard any of the copies of the refund or information that we’ve shared and communicated with each other.

The Transaction Phase:

  1. Refund amount processing to your account will require about 8 to 10 business days after you’ve signed the agreement
  2. The currency that we charge, your refund amount will be formulated to you in the same currency
  3. If in cases where this is not the native country, you will have to bear the exchange fee or change in the exchange may have differentiated currency amount refunded compared to the amount you have originally paid to us.

It is solely your responsibility if you need to pay the amount of fee or bear any loss in the process. We are not responsible for the same.

Refund policy is subject to change, we keep our customer notified as soon as there are any policy changes or amendments made in the policy. We request you to read carefully the privacy policy too, so you are updated with everything in detail.