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Performance Testing

Performance testing

Vikteq give total set-up of use Load Testing Services pointed toward helping you test the constraints of your applications. We help organizations extending from Startups to Enterprises boost their cloud and web execution, and give answers for improve the exhibition in lacking regions.

What is Performance Testing?

Execution testing includes tests which quantifies the reaction time and assesses the subjective ascribes, for example, unwavering quality, adaptability and interoperability of the framework. Execution Testing additionally analyzes at least two gadgets or projects in respect of speed, information move rate, data transmission, effectiveness, throughput and unwavering quality.

Why Performance Testing is Necessary?

In the present advanced age, end clients anticipate that their applications should be quick, simple to-utilize, or more all work in all conditions. With developing rivalry in computerized space and swarming of application advertises, its basic for application designers to know the restrictions of their applications and plan a technique for their application benefits in the event that those cutoff points are reached.

Load testing

Load test measures the performance of the system under normal and peak load conditions.

Volume testing

In volume testing the volume of data in the system is set to some realistic or pre-agreed level.

Capacity testing

Capacity test, determines how many users your application can handle. This helps in having a better visibility into events which might push your site beyond limitations.

Stress testing

Stress testing pushes your application to the extreme which makes your component robust, efficient and help determining thresholds.

Soak testing

Soak testing which is also known as stability test measures system’s steadiness by placing it under load for long period. This help in exposing problems like memory leaks.

Component testing

Component Testing requires testing of each component of your software product.

Vikteq performance Testing Services

Ensuring high end user experiences and reduce the response time by fixing available defects.

Timely visual reports, logs and video in order to achieve testing goals.
Testing on real user experiences, hence real test case scenarios and on real devices.
Use private cloud, public cloud, hand-held device, or private data center, choice is all yours.