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Java Application Development Services

Who are we?

We have carved a niche in the domain of delivering Java application development services for enterprises.Why Java Application Development Services?Java offers multiple advanced features to satisfy the demand of a scripting and client-side programming language which allows web pages to  be interactive.


How we can help you with Java web application development

Vikteq, a Java application development company, creating both generic solutions as well as enterprise Java solutions (J2EE). We use the J2EE and J2SE environments extensively, including SWING, JSP, Servlets, XML EJB, Struts, Hibernate Technologies, JBoss and WebLogic Application Server, Struts and Cocoon Framework, Xerces, Xalan, FO, Liferay, and Spring, to develop large Java Web Application delivering premier quality in quick time with our experienced team handpicked from the best colleges in the country.

The greatest advantage of Java Application Development is its ability to perform on multiple platforms and operating systems. Vikteq can help you harness this portability and cultivate proficient and uncomplicated Java applications encompassing all your requirements without compromising on the scalability for future expansion.

Highlights of Java Web Application Development


Stable programming

Java app development provides Java developers with stable and customized programming methodologies.

Dynamic design

Java development allows developers to create secure and dynamic designs for your application.

Easy maintenance

Easy support and maintenance makes Java the most loved app development language among app developers.