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The development of the Internet is a phenomenon that is destined to change the way we communicate, educate, entertain and do business.

Beige Lorman

/ Group Chief Information – Aqua Group
The prospects for a company operating in this new market are varied and exciting. The potential commercial opportunities are very significant indeed. This case study looks at Freeserve, its corporate objectives and the strategies it has developed to achieve them.


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The communication between machines of different kinds sometimes cause troubles and inaccurate signal decoding results.
Advancements in technology – including machine-to-machine communications between smart sensors, referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’. For example, appliances in the home that can be monitored and controlled wirelessly by the homeowner wherever they are.
The potential market for servers and networking equipment development is still unstable and shrinks every year.
Market development – increasing market share in new markets such as servers and networking equipment. ARM’s technology is well placed to provide lower power options to transport, distribute, analyze and store data across the internet.
Demand for energy efficient technology – the market demands high performance products using low power technology.
This case study will demonstrate how ARM’s strategies contribute to the achievement of its business vision, aims and objectives using an integrated approach focusing on innovation, its people and its network of partners.


In its first year as a public company, Freeserve has enjoyed considerable success in possibly the UK’s most competitive market.

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