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Android App

Android App Developement Service

The survey says that nearly more than 800 million people use Android applications worldwide. Can you still afford to be on the blind side of 800 million potential customers? Vikteq provides Android App development services to companies by utilising its team of expert developers experienced in working with Startups and Enterprises.

Our developers adhere to best optimised Android application development tools to provide top product development services. We are experts in Native mobile app Development, Hybrid app development(Xamarin, ReactNative, Flutter), Game development, Android Security Architecture, OpenGL using Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

User-Friendly, Fast Loading Android Apps

Vikteq supports most of the popular mobile phone operating systems when it comes to mobile application development and that includes Android application development service as well. Since a large population of users are on Android devices, we can see why is it important for any business to have a simple and efficient Android application to satisfy their customer needs. Vikteq as an Android app development company has a highly experienced team of Android developers. Your app will never be based on old technology because the team constantly updates itself to be aware of industry updates and changes. We use the latest technologies such as Kotlin & Java.


Native Android apps are built specifically for the Android platform. The technology used for building such applications is Java, C++ and Android studio. Native Android apps are super fast and reliable as it utilized the platform to its full potential.


DHybrid Android apps are built using technologies that can be applied almost everywhere. The initial app development is done in technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript and finally converted into a package that can be run on the Android platform.


The planning stage is where the initial communication with the client happens and the basic requirements for the Android app development are obtained.


After all the testing process is complete, we can launch the Android application to the Google Play Store for you.


Our team of Android app developers has years of experience in this industry. The development part will be started immediately after the design phase is complete. The conversion of the creative design into a feature-rich and practical Android app is taken care of in the development phase. The Android app we create can compete and win against almost all our competitors


Every product regardless of the platform and technology needs to go through vigorous testing procedures to ensure optimal performance. The same is applicable to Android apps as well.

How Our Service Makes Us The Best Android App Development Companys

The experienced and skilled app development team

Our team of Android developers have years of experience in the industry and is ready to deliver any custom Android development solutions..

Best in the industry pricing

Launching an Android app to the market is only profitable is the development cost is reasonable. Which is why ClaySys offers competitive pricing for building your Android mobile app.

Never late to deliver

We value our client’s time. Once you sign up for an Android app development service, a deadline will be assigned to the project and we always make sure to meet this deadline.